North by Northwest

North by Northwest ★★★★★

'North by Northwest' almost feels like Hitchcock directed a Bond movie, but instead of the sure, cocky Bond, you have a hapless George Kaplan (aka Roger Thornhill) running across the country to get away from foreign spies. Eventually he does collect his cool and meets his Bond girl Eve Kendall, and faces of against VanDamm, the relentless Baddie.

Ok, maybe the Bond analogy was a little bit of a stretch, but North By Northwest is as entertaining as the best Bond has to offer. Cary Grant plays a blundering man who stumbles upon a undercover agents identity expertly. He was frantic when he needed to be, and all cool and charismatic when the scene called for cool charisma. Eva Marie Saint looked as stunning as the best Bond girls, but has a little more acting chops than most. And James Mason played VanDamm with much aplomb.

This is another masterful turn behind the camera for Hitchcock, who continues to show me why he is often considered to be among the best ever. The story was tense and suspenseful, and I loved every moment of it!

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