The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★½

It has been a few years since I last saw 'The Social Network', and I definitely appreciated it more the second time around! A big reason for this honestly could have been the subtitles, as I caught more of Andy Sorkin's Oscar winning script. So sharp and so witty.

The music is always amazing when Reznor and Ross are behind the score. I'm not a big NIN's fan, so for me, Reznor's biggest contribution will always be to film.

I'm also not a huge Jessie Eisenberg fan, he is very hit or miss for me, but he did a fantastic job here. He really excelled pulling off the script and coming across as a total asshole, giving a certain comedic aspect to the film. It made me wonder. What would the real Mark Zuckerberg be feeling after watching this film seeing himself portrayed this way.

Everything else about the film is solid, and refreshingly I does not fall into the cliched traps of the biopic. It's very much a generation film, and gives a new meaning to using Facebook. Another excellent film from Fincher!

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