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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Movies dealing with art tend to confront the issue of the precise equation. Some fail by abstracting the creation to platitudes (The Hand of God), others by fetishizing and getting lost in its ouroboros, losing grasp of reality (The Artist). Drive My Car is a movie committed to the end to labor processes, be it psychoemotional or creative/wage labor. The two running in such close parallel they morph with each other; each declaration given a performative weight, each performance carried…

  • Labyrinth of Cinema

    Labyrinth of Cinema


    The thesis that offers Obayashi with his final treasure to the world, about cinema's pedagogical possibilities to inform on national, political suffering, does involve some interests reminiscent of Godard in ruminating representation considered as its own manifestation of history; the horrors both inflicted to cinema and those perpetrated by the medium's own hands; in the continuous perpetuation of an image of war to replace its material atrocities in public memory. Nonetheless, for further precision, the resemblance with Kon's Millennium Actress

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  • Sentimental Destinies

    Sentimental Destinies


    Assayas es de los directores contemporáneos europeos que más asoció con una vitalidad posmodernista (al menos en sus primeros periodos, lo previo a los 2010s). Manteniendo un pulso vertiginosamente rítmico cómo vehículo para preocupaciones pertinentes a las nuevas interrogantes respecto a la imagen y lo real. Que él realice un melodrama de época, por lo tanto, termina siendo mil veces más descontracturante y desconcertante que, por ejemplo, su revisión de su propia interpretación de Les Vampires en Irma Vep (debido…

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    Spoilers of Crimes of the Future (and implicitly Videodrome) to follow:

    The despair of a world burning its bridge towards a future in its systematic elimination of subversive forces. A provocation conspicuously blasphemous for conspiring against the old order by simply committing to imagining (and acting on) a human progression. Cronenberg presents his return and, despite realizing a script envisioned decades ago, still proves his eminence and importance as a political filmmaker, thanks to his willing intersecting of multiple disciplines…

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  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    Exhausted; of this sort of filmmaking, opulent yet insipid in its clean excess; of this sort of plotting, tiring and bloated in the multiple narrative threads, each with their closure delaying the finale; of this sort of stance, fearful of disapproval and reductive of intersectional intricacies in oblivious, even harmful ways.

    Occasionally and timidly, a compelling concept peeks out from the material: what if the fall from sanity arc from films like Repulsion took place in times better equipped to…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad

    The following speech features spoilers on the film discussed in question.

    There is no case for comparisons between this newest entry in the vaguely cohesive extended universe of DC and its infamous predecessor due to the abysmal difference in the leagues they are playing. Ayer's version of the property barely qualifies for the minimum required to move like genuine film production, so any sense of the most mechanical efficiency in assembling actions through montage or articulating a comprehensible line for…