Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

final verdict: "GOOD"

this was a solid movie, the acting was pretty great (especially timothée chalamet's performance) and it had some good character development, the cinematography was quite nice and the camera work was impressive, the soundtrack was decent, a little manipulative but it wasn't annoying or overused.
i don't give it a higher rating because this isn't my type of movie at all, and i also think that it dragged sometimes. a good chunk of the movie could have been shortened, it extended way too much and there were some unnecesary scenes like the peach scene in which i was like "?!" but the movie is still recommended.
i just would like to see a movie with a gay main character that isn't focused on how he's/she's gay, i think that would be quite original

btw thicc you were right timothée chalamet looks like a fricking vampire i don't know why people say he's cute

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