The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

2021 ranked:

the mitchells vs the machines is a fun and creative animated movie, the animation is pretty beautiful and incredibly detailed, it's nothing new or groundbreaking but it's really solid and it looks very very good. the movie also has a frenetic and lisergic style and it's soooo wild lol, at times i was like...uhh what the fck....but it was clearly on purpose and i really digged it! it was an entertaining movie for sure, the pace was really fast and overall it flied by quick. the cast is also greaaaat, the family is all good but i was shocked when i realized that olivia friggin colman is in this, she did a great job just like everybody else. the didn't always worked, but i have problems with the comedy in like 95% of all animated movies so it's not a big deal, there were some great jokes sprinkled throughout the movie tho. the movie also has quite alot of messages it wants to tell and although they do feel a little on the nose at times they work pretty well, the movie had some big emotional moments that were nice to see and overall the concepts are really fun!

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