Sharp Objects ★★★★

GET THAT EMMYS, AMY ADAMS!!!! Sharp Objects is many things at once: dark, creepy, disturbing and terrifying. Yet the show is paced too slow: I don't understand why a book only over two hundred pages long had to be turned into a running time of eight hours. That is the only thing wrong with the show. For the good part: plot is A+, with a compelling mystery, characters are A+, complicated and depraved, casting is A+, with Amy Adams breaking your heart with her performance, and an amazing Patricia Clarkson, Sophia Lillis and Eliza Scanlen. The music deserves a special mention, it played a very important role in maintaining the atmosphere— eerie and very unsettling. I had read the book and I knew the story, but the show still managed to make me scream. HOLY SHIT AMMA!