Burning ★★★★

once I saw that it was based on a Murakami short story, it set the mood for me. everything clicked into place. I'm drawn to reading his work even though most of the time his novels fizzle out by the end. his short stories, however, I like better. I think the form allows for less explanation, less resolution, but at the same time, characters feel more fully formed and actions from them make more sense. I go into them without expectations, something I can't quite do when it comes to novels, and I'm hardly ever disappointed. I'm okay with things dissipating at any time in a shorter form.

I avoided reading anything about BURNING besides knowing of the praise it got coming out of Cannes, and so I was hyper-focused during the whole thing, and even though it's a bit of a long feature, it flew by. I couldn't even tell you where the time went as threads here and there were set up and we're trying to figure out what are at the roots of each of the main trio. I need time to think about it as a whole. all I can say is that I was riveted, and like a Murakami short story, it all seemed to piece together just right. I didn't need any more from the film than what was given. I feel confident in saying that this was an superb adaptation of Murakami's short story, Barn Burning, without having read it, because as I was watching it and especially afterwards, it FELT exactly like I was watching one come to life. it clicked.

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