Not Okay

Not Okay ★★★★

Kind of genius to write a satirical movie about influencer culture, as it (and people’s desperation to be “famous” online in any kind of way) as they exist in reality,, already somewhat operate as a satire of itself. So glad the film did not co-opt or dumb down how social media functions or the niche references in favor of appeasing an older audience.

What stood out in this movie was the grounded performances of the actors (kind of an oxymoron since there’s not too much groundedness in internet fame or attempts to get it) and the film’s writing. Something about Danni’s awkward physicality and nervous copy-catting of internet hand gestures in moments of tension or an attempt to be funny, made me cringe but an act I can attest to seeing. Mia Isaac was awesome and a perfect foil to Danni- she commanded attention when she was on screen and I was shocked to google and see how little she’s been in and how young she is.

This movie genuinely made me laugh out loud. I was obsessed with when Danni gave the gift bag to a houseless person. This movie made me cringe in a way similar to the experience of watching 8th Grade but also be filled with anxiety in a Shiva Baby kind of way. All in all its nice to watch a movie clearly headed by young people for young people, in all honesty, I thought because of the heavy social media aspect I wouldn’t like it or that the movie itself would be cringey and full of “” screenshot montages. A good reminder to have an open mind, and that because a movie was shot on film doesn’t mean it has higher chances of being a good movie than a movie about influencers.

Also I love the title sequences between parts, a nice homage to french new wave given the france of it all. Also also Zoe Deutch is so beautiful and I once had my hair dyed like that which I know it is out of trend,,, but this movie kind of made me want to dye it again.

Anywho TLDR; this movie was good enough that I stayed up to watch it all in one sitting and then write this review even though I have to open tomorrow at 6:30am </3

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