Incendies ★★★½

2010 Ranked 👍
Recommended by: Jo

The film’s insistence on love and humanity after the horrors and unthinkable revelations is what makes the story of Nawal Marwan worth uncovering. Walls are assertively shattered and sincerity takes over the situation. The whole tragic idea is challenging as the narrative itself is intense, but Incendies takes its time to unveil the point of all the suspense as it restrains the violence although it’s ever present.

A twisted tale of personal conflict, war and fate, the narrative chooses to center on the distinct tale of motherhood, exhibiting how enduring it is even against brutalities committed. Everything is made even more reasonable due to the uncertainty in the Middle East, which only leaves us questioning ourselves: How much of reality are we willing to endure? Will we gain something from the truth or will it only haunt us for eternity?