Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★

80s Ranked 👍

Luxurious as a post-Godfather gangster movie, Once Upon a Time in America ascends gracefully on a less extreme narrative that is explicit and cautious as it continuously shifts its contrasting timelines skillfully with a heart-rending tone and finale.

With a grandiose theme and an extensive, overarching story, Sergio Leone doesn’t shy away on putting an end on the romantic anti-hero of the gangster as he exclusively unveils their moral bankruptcy and unconditional repulsiveness that they’ve exerted unto an already nauseating world. It’s as tragic as it can be but the end result is still immensely satisfying for its notable care in its characters who are a microcosm of the “american dream”, where growth and change are obscure as greed and hatred will always triumph over anything else.

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