• Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    80s Ranked 👍

    The nostalgic bond of the four children is frequently communicated in hostility and bullying, as if they were bracing and training themselves for the mature world they see around them. While their parents are presented as indifferent, and the things that we hear center only on abuse and emotional illiterateness. Throughout the film’s short runtime, the children are uninterruptedly put through psychological and bodily abuse and the only ones that can help them are none other than themselves. Ironically, as they push themselves to be experienced, the society that soon they’ll become a part of only provides negligence, brutality and inferiority.

  • Amour



    2012 Ranked 👍

    Violence linked to failures in human communication.

    The story dominates the film, subdues the composure, supposedly in favor of explaining rather than judging. The violence is not graphic; it’s unhesitatingly scattered in a dramaturgical space that communicates the loneliness in which the characters find themselves in front of society and the harrowing nostalgia that remains of a long life on the verge of extinction, whose memories are attested by an old photo album or by the strained…

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    2001 Ranked 👍

    A portrait of a woman in authority coming unfinished.

    Foiled ambitions, voyeuristic physical remove, self-serving games, The Piano Teacher unveils innumerable layers of one inhibited sadomasochist Erika Kohut (Huppert) - grim, staunch, and prim on her traditional facade, but underneath, a profoundly maladjusted woman of strained sexual and emotional impulses. She stands as if an elegantly groomed disciplinarian over her students and leads a feigned life of sterness and control - a monastic life - as her…

  • Anna and the King

    Anna and the King


    Watched this for Asian Arts class and we’re to write a reflection about this so i took a few notes along the way to write down my thoughts just like an intelligent student should:

    -The physical and symbolic division of the aristocrats and proletariats
    -East and west culture influence
    -The king of Siam played by a Chinese actor. wait what
    -baby tom felton cute
    -Wait, there's still 2:20:00 left??
    -Ah yes let’s talk about the monarchy
    -wow redeeming a…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon

    Films that are better off muted

    Dominating by an evocative palette of exceedingly high saturated red and blue colors, The Neon Demon tests Nicolas Winding Refn’s aesthetic pursuit by revealing collected shots that go outside the limitations of haute couture glamour. It proudly features the superficial side of the world that’s filled with brutality and jealousy while simultaneously exposing the futility of the fashion industry in the emptiest and coldest way possible.

    It’s as self-indulgent and pretentious as it can be.

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    don't let your birds watch this

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    2012 Ranked 👍

    If Mads Mikkelsen had a difficult time dealing with the antagonists in Another Round (alcohol and himself) i expected that he'd have a life-or-death situation with this film's antagonist (kids)

    and i was damn right

  • Miss Congeniality

    Miss Congeniality


    mom’s faves 💃

    The nicest thing that I can say is that Miss Congeniality eventually comes to an end.

    An infuriating run-of-the-mill comedy, the cult classic is the way you expected it to be as Donald Petrie’s aimless direction does nothing to camouflage the flick’s obvious plot or its farcical clichès. Over its runtime, several depraved feminist representations are visible which are made difficult to overlook. A handful of opportunities for razor-sharp swipes at the fashion industry are missed and…

  • Miracle



    80s Ranked 👍

    Influenced by existentialism, a preposterous theater of the human condition, Himala aims to inform a parable in the most biblical awareness that thematizes mass hysteria, human greed, and envy as it unveils the menacing mixture between superstition and belief.

    The elusive miracle and the revelatory act of redemption.

    It’s set in the small town of Cupang - a marginal barrio inundated in folk religiosity. Arid, poverty-stricken and regarded to be ill-fated, the veritable desert-like land yearns for…

  • House



    70s Ranked 👻

    A multitude of childhood nightmares rally into existence.

    Transforming horror into a suggestive game of effusive stylistic gestures, House is a frisky genre pastiche which starts off its aesthetically driven semiotic postmodernist plot simulating diverse caricatures of societal signifiers of the American pop media. Aside from constantly evolving and putting up layers with its parodic imitations of parodic identities, it achieves in its satirical criticisms on the post-war Americanisation of Japan as it increases its absurdity and…

  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    2003 Ranked 👍
    Recommended by: JacobC_Stealth 

    Passage as an inconstant and unpainted entity.

    A grand network of intersecting paths, Memories of Murder excels on reflecting the banality of evil, the strive for justice, and the ludicrous behavior that can transpire in situations of sheer powerlessness.

    The characters feel like actual humans due to their constant altering nature that’s never really their nature. Park (Song) is the symbol of the myopic and incompetent authority who’s convinced that with nonselective violence, puzzles…

  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    90s Ranked 👍

    Mundane events as part of the bewildering larger puzzle that refuses to reveal itself.

    Made of five segments, Night on Earth restates Jarmusch’s accustomed slice-of-life cinema, where in this case, the protagonist is the night: a distinguished behemoth hanging under the light of the isolated stars, shivering over the coolness of the empty streets, refracting through the expressionless glow of the street lights, floating indifferently above the glumness of the human existence. The universe doesn’t bother with…