Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

Torn between being an affectionate ode to weirdo avatar-bedroom creeps and a cautionary tale about becoming a weirdo avatar-bedroom creep. Can it be both? Probably, but must the message be delivered by the bafflingly overrated Mark Rylance playing some on-another-wavelength messiah-narcissist?

The premise and hero, predicated as each is on fanboys' borderline blood-curdling information-retention regarding the private-public life of a dead dude who made an online videogame, can only go so far. These kids going around a virtual library guessing at clues left for them by an Actual Adult, clues relating to a date he went on years ago...? Nah mate, that's weird.

Anyway, at least the gamer with the super hot avatar is actually hot irl too (though, spoilers, she has a not-that-bad birthmark on her face!).