There Will Be Blood ★★★★

At once flimsy and bloated, a thin canvas stretched large enough to accommodate a hilarious Day-Lewis (this is his best performance, no question, for me: watch what he does with his mouth). I saw this three times in four days when it was first released, and have maybe seen it once or twice since on a small screen, so revisiting it tonight on 35mm gave that uncanny edge of anticipating something that you're re-remembering as it unfolds. Anderson works his limited storytelling as a scriptwriter to his advantage as a director, positioning his narrative around a cipher and creating space not only from his ellipses but also through them: there's barely a causal logic at work here, evident in the odd, stuttering progression between scenes (the timing of some of the dissolves is particularly distancing), and yet there is greatness in its reach and some of its interplays. Dano never better than as the quietly arrogant prophet Eli Sunday: the title is a promise.