C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★½

a hugely warm and hopeful movie about motherhood, portrayed in its absence. meandered more than i can sometimes want a movie to do, but it all resonated very nicely with me for the rest of the night after we left the movie.

we went to the walmart in burbank to buy jack’s frozen pizza afterwards, a pizza that is actually very difficult to find when you’re not at literally any iowa gas station. upon moving to los angeles, i learned it is somehow only at the burbank walmart. i think we are the only ones buying this pizza in a 50 mile radius. zach had to climb almost all the way into the freezer to get them, all five of which were hidden behind dozens of greater value brand pizza, a pizza that we really do not want. jack’s is different because it’s wrapped in plastic, has a very low quality cracker crust, and it’s perfect.

i do really love mike mills, and the elementary they shot at for the scene outside the school was two blocks away from my last apartment, right by the little grocery store with a meat counter that i would always buy rice and produce from. i drove past them shooting the scene with him on the phone on my way home one day in early 2019. i have a horribly blurry video of the whole thing. mike mills’ coverage looked way better, you’re better off just watching this movie, which looks achingly beautiful in black and white. so many wonderful lamps. at the time had no idea the man in the baseball cap talking to the guy who looked a lot like joaquin phoenix was mike mills. i remember thinking, i hope i get to see whatever this is.

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