Soylent Green ★★

OK we get it already, the world is overpopulated and food is scarce, no need to keep labouring the point over and over again. They probably had to though to cover up an incredibly flimsy plot. It felt like the film took almost half of its running time setting the scene before anything actually happened.

For some reason (budget?) 2022 looks remarkably like 1973. Did they not bother to guess ahead at all? There are absolutely zero technological advances. No computers, no mobile communication devices, no fancy TVs. Nothing. Did they really think the arcade cabinet shown would still be futuristic looking in 50 years time?! We will have automatic sliding doors apparently but curiously no doorbells. There are numerous films and TV shows of the same era that do a much better job of creating a believable future.

And if you don't already know the "bizarre state secret" you can probably guess it within about 15 nanoseconds of the film starting.

Overall it's totally ridiculous hokum but not enjoyable hokum. Some of the 'furniture' is attractive though.