Lemon ★★★½

I'm a huge fan of Bravo's shorts and seeing her ideas stretched out into a feature was a dark,awkward,and hilarious treat. It's a little Wes Anderson and a little bit Yorgos Lanthimos if they made movies about LA and the narcissism that fuels a lot of the people in it. It's not for everyone and it doesn't want to be. The dark humor isn't for everyone because not everyone can laugh at pain and sadness that's displayed so awkwardly and not everyone can make it as heartbreaking and hilarious as Bravo and the directors I mentioned above. 

This film is hilarious. That has to do with the writing but the performances elevate that in a lot of ways. Gelman plays a repulsive racist clueless human being who is so narcissistic and violent it borders on funny and frightening and he does the job fantastically. There is really nothing to like about the character but he doesn't really get any sympathy anywhere so his journey is hilarious and sad to watch. The supporting cast is fantastic. Everyone has some hilarious moment that I laughed out loud to. Maybe I'm just sick of all the big summer stuff but this felt refreshing. One of the best comedies of the year.

Let Bravo make whatever she wants. She is a breath of fresh air in a predominantly white male led indie comedy world.

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