• Prophecy



    Sleeping bag scene. Cinema Gold!

  • Moonfall


    Tried twice. Fell asleep twice. Gave up trying.  How did it end?

  • The Vanished

    The Vanished


    Ok to watch if you want to kill off almost 2 hours. The endgame is pretty predictable after the first 1/3 of the movie by using simple deduction and common sense when observing the characters and their actions. Could have achieved a better twist by using more dynamic characters and red herrings.

  • H0us3



    Interesting story and a decent slow burn set up. The English dub is not the best. Typical mind messing sudden ending that comes with most Sci-Fi indie movies. Could have used some more depth to the consequences of their actions to build the tension as well as to the effects on the other guests upon being told the “truth”. Nonetheless it’s a fun watch.

  • Field Freak

    Field Freak


    I am a firm believer that no matter how ugly you are, if you can make a girl laugh then you have a shot at love. 

    This movie is ugly but it makes you laugh.  So get yourself some homemade root beer and enjoy.

  • Sex Madness

    Sex Madness



  • Tell Your Children

    Tell Your Children


    Knowledge is power.

  • Rogue Warfare: The Hunt

    Rogue Warfare: The Hunt

    It was soooo bad that I was rooting for Daniel to die in the first half hour so the mission to rescue him was scrubbed and the movie would end. 

    The evil black mask is a stupid bad guy who apparently derives his name from the black lace panties he wears over the bottom half of his face. 

    GI Joe is a more realistic military presence than these ass hats. 

    I look forward to the next movie.

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Someone should come from the future to 1992 and start terminating all Terminator movies after T2. You would be doing humanity a favor.

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Crawl



    A fun movie where you cheer for the gators.

  • The Nothing

    The Nothing

    I watched this movie and afterwards burned the human bone chairs that were on my patio. I also sat in the chairs while they burned so the pain would overtake the pain from watching the movie.