Hamilton ★½

several things are true about this musical: 

1. the music unfortunately fucking SLAPS. 

2. the show is also unfortunately brilliantly staged, choreographed, and acted. 

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda should be jailed. 

4. this show has done tremendous things for representation in a remarkably white-dominated industry, and also does something very interesting in reclaiming history for the minorities that are constantly erased from that same history. 

5. the show, regardless of all these good things, is ultimately revisionist, sugarcoated faux-progressive diversity porn that co-opts Black music & culture to tell a story of slave-owners and rapists that refuses to *actually* reckon with any of these awful things beyond a few throwaway quips and thus lends itself perfectly to subliminally racist white neoliberals who want to celebrate our country’s history and founding fathers while simultaneously being absolved from having to reckon with any of the historical atrocities of this country or its vile founders by its casting of POC in almost all roles. it’s essentially the ultimate cultural remedy for white guilt. and I say all this as a theatre kid who was OBSESSED with this show. fuck Hamilton. all my homies hate Hamilton. 

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda should be jailed.

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