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This review may contain spoilers.

Disappointing, I knew it couldn't last. The film starts with the discovery that three of the characters that you grew to love in the last film are dead, and that serves as a metaphor for this film, the greatness of the last two Aliens, all that made them good, is dead. The story isn't explained at all. It's clear they just wanted to make another sequel so decided to drop some eggs in without explaining how they got there or anything. Also, I believe that this was the first of the three Aliens to use CGI in places for the Alien, not a good move. I know it was 20 years ago and that technology was undeveloped but if that was the case, don't use it. The detailed costumes that made the first two did a far better job than the dodgy animation that took all the horror and menace out of the Alien and just made him look like a baddy in a video game. On the subject the Alien, they changed something, I know it came from a dog this time so that made it different but it really looked pathetic. The ending was no better, the premise was there and, like the rest of the film, it had the potential to be good but it was just disappointing. Overall, disappointing, not surprisingly my least favourite Alien film.