Her ★★★★★

Her is one of the most brilliant and inventive films of the decade so far. It's a deeply emotional and beautiful movie. Spike Jonze is certainly one of the most creative filmmakers of our time. It's beautifully directed and written and acted wonderfully. Joaquin Phoenix proves yet again that he's one of the best actors working today. It's a completely different character from what he created in last year's The Master which showcases his wide range as an actor. There he created a certain physical presence as the shell shocked Freddie Quell. Here, he's more vulnerable. Scarlett Johansson does so much with just her voice, it's incredible. Amy Adams might be better here than in American Hustle (which I was a fan of). It's a more subtle performance. The music and the cinematography are also terrific. It's incredible on all fronts.

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