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This review may contain spoilers.

My 12th time watching La La Land, I absolutely love this movie. Its hard to put in to words what this film means to me. i remember seeing it back in 2016 for the first time and just being so blown away and wanting to watch it over and over, this is coming from someone whos not the hugest fan of musicals in general. I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in this film, there my favorite on screen pairing as a couple even going back to there previous films together such as crazy,stupid, love. I really deeply cared about them and found myself really connecting to them especially as a dreamer and a lover of the arts myself. The director damien chazelle is easily one of my favorite directors now between this and whiplash. I love the music in the film and i own the vinyl and have listened to it multiple times, my favorites being 'lovely night' and 'audition" The cinematography is gorgeous, theres so many beautiful shots in la la land. I know a lot of people dont really like the ending of the movie, but in my opinion its perfect, its not depressing its bittersweet. If they hadnt meet each other, neither of them would have accomplished there dreams, while there relationship may have been brief in the end, it forever changed there lives. when they say towards the end " ill always love you" to each other, i truly believe thats true and is for the rest of there lives, even thou there not together. This movie to me is a masterpiece, i dont say that very often but La La Land hit every note i wanted it to and i look forward to watching again and again thruoughout my life.

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