Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

A wonderful mix of men-on-a-mission & zombie movie, tied together with a solid emotional heart.

But, same as with Dawn of the Dead, what’s most interesting about this film is how it uses the zombie apocalypse to comment on us, America. Dawn is of course a post-911 era film, and Army undeniably of the Trump era. The zombies, a gross weapon of our military’s creation. The border into Vegas transparently criticizing our cruel and abusive border policies. Snyder has the actual Sean Spicer in the movie just to have someone rip into how awful Trumps policies were. Honestly amazes me Spicer showed up just to be spit in the face. 

Dave Bautista continues to prove himself as one of my favorite modern action stars, capable of physicality and real emotional depth, leading a motley crew into Vegas at the hopes of making some money to get a better life (the only way to do that in America).

Also a fun debut as his own cinematographer (also I believe his first film shot on digital, too)! Someone said this looked like tv shows and I can only assume they’re watching well shot TV!

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