Speed Racer

Speed Racer

😇 Gets better every time. 

A visual thrill ride unlike anything you’ve ever seen AND a story on the irreplaceability of family & the moral bankruptcy of corporations? Wachowski’s you shouldn’t have!

This time around I especially noticed and loved the focus on authenticity. The Racers are a real family, Royalton claims his company is one. Racing is a beautiful sport and Speed creates art when he drives, but the races are being rigged and manipulated. These dichotomies litter the story. The real conflict is in authenticity overcoming the artificiality that has overtaken the world. 

And in a big family friendly movie coming out right around when the era of corporatized, lifeless blockbusters kicked off it feels so prescient. (Note: Hollywood has always had monetary interests and these kinds of blockbusters just happens to be the problem for this particular age. We still get plenty of great movies. This isn’t that kind of complaint)

 This movie outright rejects the notion of turning art into numbers on a budget sheet and a few months ago Sonic had an unabashed ad for Zillow in the middle of the movie. That movie is getting a sequel, this one still hasn’t. We don’t deserve the Wachowski’s.

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