Parasite ★★★★½

Every film crew makes conscious and detailed decisions for everything ranging from the art department to the lighting, so to produce a microcosm wherein everything collectively creates effect/affect. It occurs very seldomly though, maybe once a year or less, that a cinematic art piece manages to find the pitch perfect balance.

Parasite has found that balance. Even more impressive is the fact that this balance lies in a wild mixture of genres and emotions. The film toys with us like the protagonists toy with their targets. The narrative is intelligent, but wouldn't have worked without the subtle lens choices or the firm camera movements. And don't get me started on the actors; every single one of them seeps with confidence - all of this and more eventually gets translated into this near perfect picture wherein the interrelated elements fibrate beautifully.

I will return for an analysis later on, but what is most important: If you would ever doubt the power of film, lose your love for the pictures, or theorize about the death of cinema- there is an antidote now! Go to the cinema, put on your television or laptop, and watch Parasite.

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