Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★★

I freaking love this movie dude. I watched this with a big dumb smile on my face the whole time.

I never took in how intricately crafted this movie is. Not only does it look nice but almost every tiny detail seems to have been given the same amount of attention. The crowd shots feel very lively and there are many cool little background details to appreciate. Similarly there are many great examples of re-incorporation, particularly in the final fight scene with Tai Lung. Even when Po opportunistically slaps Tai Lung with the tree during their fight. It's such a small thing that I never thought twice about but even that was reincorporated from the very beginning.

Additionally the fight choreography in this movie is out-fucking-standing (Is it still called choreography if it's a cartoon?). Not just the aforementioned fight between Po and Tai Lung either. Ya got Tai Lung's prison escape scene, the fight between Tai Lung and the furious 5 on the bridge and even Po and Shifu's little dumpling standoff. The fight on the bridge was particularly crisp though, like goddamn they really thought every little detail out.

I also really just love the world and all the characters this movie presents us with. Not all the characters get developed fully but the characters they do develop are very great the lore that they're given is all very compelling. The supporting characters are also really fun even if they are under-developed and the I really like the casting choices for all the characters which is not even something I'm typically inclined to mention. I also find Po to be a very fun, endearing and relatable character but who doesn't?

Finally I wanna say that I find this to be a very comforting and gratifying movie to watch. The whole concept of bettering yourself while still embracing who you are and always will be is something that strikes a chord with me on a personal level. I just find it all to be very life-affirming and it honestly helps to put things in perspective for me sometimes.

The one thing that China and the west agree on; Kung Fu Panda fucking rules!! ;) 8/10

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