Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★½

Quickie: I've never really played Monster Hunter but even I can tell you this is bullshit. This movie is simultaneously generic and absolutely shit balls insane. It's edited and shot in a really weird and obnoxious way and there is hardly any dialogue in it untile the very end. Additonally all the performances are pretty mediocre and the whole thing lacks direction. Also the fight scenes are horribly choreographed and edited. Some of the cgi monsters look cool and that was probably the strongest aspect of the whole movie honestly. And, worst of all, it's abother adaptation where "franchise comes to the real world". As if that'e ever been a compelling idea to anyone. If this is really the best they could come up with for a Monster Hunter movie than they should've just not made it tbh. Though really this was probably only made because Monster Hunter is a popular franchise in China. Typical reboot trash but a fun enough movie to rip on with friends! :) 3/10

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