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This review may contain spoilers.

It's solid, matter a fact I think it's pretty darn good.

I like the concept, a writer expressing his most bitter emotions surrounding the bitter end of a relationship through a gritty, violent revenge novel. It was interesting to see how they depicted the parallels between the novel and the relationship itself. There were some aspects of the presentation that I wasn't crazy about though.

For starters the story within the novel is a lot more entertaining and compelling than anything else going on. Which is a pretty big issue imo. You absolutely need to have both to get the point across but just randomly cutting away to show Amy Adams' reaction to what's happening was wholly unnecessary. Additionally there are a few parts where I see the idea they were going for but felt the execution left a bit to be desired.

Also, on a more personal note, I'm just not a fan of this very sleek and modern aesthetic style that a lot of thrillers go for these days. It's very detached from something that a person like me could find relatable. Luckily though the gritty revenge novel segments help to circumvent that. The film is very nicely shot though, looks fantastic. The performances are very good all around and it's definitely compelling while it's on but it just lacks something. For a movie with such rich subtext it still feels a bit hollow but maybe that's just me.

Also who tf wears puke green loafers like that? I know the dude was a deplorable backwoods rapist but that was honestly his worst offense. :p 6/10

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