My Blind Brother ★★½

If I told you that there's a movie called about two brothers that both love the same girl and maybe one of the guys is blind then you could probably figure out what was going to happen from start to finish. You could certainly narrow it down to two Likely paths it could stumble down. MY BLIND BROTHER trips and falls down one of those two. 

It's gracious enough to be funny and enjoyable, even poignant, along the way but you've fallen down this road before. So you have to ask yourself things like, does this amazing cast make it worth it? Does the layered, DEEP back story make it worth it? Does your man crush on Adam Scott and your need to see him
Make it worth it? Does this need rely on him seeing you because spoilers - he's the blind one. 

MY BLIND BROTHER works despite my harping on its familiarity. I wondered if they could take it to another level but in between my wondering I was having a pretty good time.