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  • The Hows of Us

    The Hows of Us

    Rekindled romance trope only works if the past isn’t as deeply problematic as that. They really solved these issues thru montages and sentimentality instead of attacking the problem head-on, huh? Damn.

    Nood na lang ulit ako ng Hello, Love, Goodbye. Miss Kathryn, this ain’t it.

  • Loving Someone

    Loving Someone


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I find that their relationship isn’t something I’ll be rooting for in real life. Or maybe the film just did not completely establish what makes Carlitos and Monica mentally and emotionally healthy enough to head into such a huge life decision eventually. I’ll be that annoying bestfriend who gets FO’ed for saying “are you even mature enough to get into something as serious as this?!” But given their life circumstances, I can’t help but get behind the idea of marriage…

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  • Us, at The End of the Year

    Us, at The End of the Year


    I’m also sad that I’m only giving this two-and-a-half stars despite liking the cast, the director, and basically the way that the film was shot. There were specific shots and sequences here that definitely felt original and had me in awe: like that shot of Isa sitting on a staircase during lunch at the beginning of the film, and that long sequence when they met during the Ayala lights. I adored watching both couples in their own mundane lives: one…

  • Isi & Ossi

    Isi & Ossi


    I enjoyed watching this mostly for how crazy it was and because of the actors Lisa and Dennis who are just so great in these characters. I loved their chemistry and dynamic. I also kind of liked how they dealt with the whole class difference conflict, and how it pushed both Isi and Ossi to unexpected directions. I just had so much fun and was laughing for a better part of the film. It’s amazing.

    P.S. Don’t take it too seriously, it’ll ruin the experience.