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  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy


    This was a nightmare. A truly haunting terror.

  • Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

    Kung Pow: Enter the Fist


    This movie is a classic. A shitty classic, but a classic nonetheless. Everything about it suggests that this movie is horrible, from its unfunny jokes to its stupid story. However, this movie is triumphant as a comedy for its concept alone. As dumb as this movie is, they didn't mess it up when making it. So even though I'm only giving this movie 2 stars, I recommend it. It's sometimes really unfunny but other times really funny. I never want to watch this movie again.

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  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory


    The plot of this movie begins when Dory, distraught about missing her parents, asks Marlin for help getting to them. Marlin replies "I know a guy" and it cuts to them riding the jet stream with the turtles from Finding Nemo.

    This is my biggest problem with this movie. The magic of finding the turtles is completely gone, and it only feels like they needed an excuse to move the plot along instead of taking you step by step on a journey like they'd done before. It felt like Finding Nemo but without the adventure.

    I rewatched this bad movie in Spanish

  • Angels in the Outfield

    Angels in the Outfield


    This movie has MESSAGES. One of the core messages comes from an adorable child whose catchphrase is "it could happen!". There's an emphasis on hope and prayer and how it can be the guiding light to happiness. I watched a pirated version of this movie which had black bars on every side

    Perhaps the true protagonist of this movie is George, the mean and furious coach who flips a shit every time his oblivious team sucks at baseball. His temper…