Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield ★★★½

This movie has MESSAGES. One of the core messages comes from an adorable child whose catchphrase is "it could happen!". There's an emphasis on hope and prayer and how it can be the guiding light to happiness. I watched a pirated version of this movie which had black bars on every side

Perhaps the true protagonist of this movie is George, the mean and furious coach who flips a shit every time his oblivious team sucks at baseball. His temper tantrums were a highlight for me. Over the course of the movie he learns patience and trust, as well as faith. This is a good message but,

This movie is really busy and never addresses it's biggest problem, its most overt message that is somehow never brought up: Are kids watching this supposed to think that angels are exempt from cheating, because nobody can see them? This message may seem harmless but the fact is that pro baseball players do get caught for cheating and many fans don't care. This movie convinced me that prayer is cheating and should be banned from baseball