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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    I don’t like scary movies. I’ll start right there. But this is so much more than a scary movie. It’s humorous at times and wickedly smart throughout. And that twist. I didn’t see it coming. This is definitely one to go back at watch to catch things I missed the first time.

  • Moonlight



    Wow was this a powerhouse of a film. It’s simultaneously specific yet universal. Joyful yet sorrowful. Light yet dark. It’s a stunning look at people whose stories don’t usually get told. And we’re all better off for having this story told. More of this please.

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  • Thor



    Surprisingly good. Visually stunning. Thor...he’s so...pretty.

  • Gravity




    Beautiful yet frightful. Expansive yet sparse. Vast yet claustrophobic. And all around, a visual masterpiece.

    And might it be a sonic masterpiece as well? Both the sound effects (no sound in space until POV shots where we hear what the characters would hear in their suits) and the score were superbly rendered. Before I heard Steven Price’s excellent score, he was unknown to me, but now I look forward to hearing more from him.

    Both the film and the score will be present on my end-of-the-year favorites list.