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  • Titanic



    I always thought I'd seen this, but in actual fact I only ever caught the first or last third and missed the entire middle section.

    The need to add fictional characters and subplots to the Titanic story has never sat right with me. It's so unneeded as the story itself is fascinating. As much as I slag off the 97 film, at least it had historical accuracy (For the most part), where as this... sometimes it's like they couldn't be…

  • Gamera vs. Barugon

    Gamera vs. Barugon


    This was unexpectedly kinda fucking brilliant!

    Okay so the opening was daft. A meteor just HAPPENED to coincide with Gamera's rocket in the vastness of space and send him on his merry way back to us, but you know what? It's Gamera. I'll take it. This is followed up by some brilliant adventure/crime which came out of nowhere, and despite the absence of monster action for the first half of the film... didn't really care. I was loving every second!…

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  • True Romance

    True Romance


    How... Has this film not been in my life until now.

    I think that, not only is this Tarantino's best work, but lets not forget Tony Scott brought Tarantino's script alive so well... That I just can't believe it. I'm actually really upset that I haven't seen this until now.

    Id love to word exactly why this film is so great, but I really just want to sit in the dark, listen to the BEAUTIFUL Hans Zimmer score, and think…

  • Dracula



    Well... The 2006 Marc Warren version is no longer the worst version of Dracula anymore...

    Steven Moffatt should just not be given any more opportunities. Shite at writing Doctor Who. Ended up being shite at writing Sherlock. Looking back at Jekyll, he was shite at that. Time to call it a day now I think.

    Cringeworthy. Utterly cringeworthy, and an insult.