Rope ★★★★★

Rope... I adore Rope so much.

Considering this is my favorite Hitchcock picture, and that I haven't checked in to it in all the 3-4 years I've had Letterboxd is utterly insane.

Hitchcock disliked this film, and even famous critic, Roger Ebert didn't speak particularly highly of it. But Rope has gained a strong following of its own and is generally considered a classic by most. But even so, I do think this does get given a bit of a hard time compared to say, Vertigo or Rear Window.

And as much as I love Vertigo and Rear Window (Especially Vertigo <3), Rope just wins my heart.

It's a cozy film as much as it is a suspenseful and captivating experience which glues me to the screen from start to finish.

Everyone knows what's the film is about. Two rich mugs who murder one of their fellow students and 'friends', and then throw a party with the body hid in a book chest in the center of the room. All for the thrill.

However as the film progresses, through clever dialogue everything begins to take a turn, and the two killers find themselves fighting off suspicion from the legendary James Stewart, who by the way delivers a stunning performance.

Rope is insanely great. Like INSANELY great! Every part of it is just... intoxicating.

Watch it. Just do me a favor and watch it if you haven't. Just do it. Now. do it right now.

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