The French Connection ★★★★★

I can add this to the pile of movies that didn't work for me at all first time around, but blew me away the second time I saw them.

I think having watched all five seasons of the amazing show, The Wire definitely helped me realize the brilliance of this movie! I first decided to watch The French Connection years ago because people kept recommending it to me for liking Dirty Harry, and they really are very different for the most part. There's a lot of cat and mousing in both films, but The French Connection is a much slower burn, and we as viewers get sucked in to the investigation as it unfolds.

I wasn't ready for The French Connection when I first saw it. But now I am. It's an absolutely incredible film from start to finish with and ending that leaves you speechless with chills all over you.

Now just to find the motivation to see the secone one. I really can't see a sequel working though.

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