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  • Brother



    Sad gangster ethnography

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    When it flies it soars, but I wanted a bit more license for the weirdness to get going - like some debut films it felt like it had been the victim of a lot of ideas passing in and out of the story over the years. What's left doesn't always hang together. The romantic subplot is barely lukewarm, but the satire is exhilarating when it's not being too broad.

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  • Gun No 6

    Gun No 6


    A failed experiment, but doesn't acknowledge its own failures. No coherent critical conversation around gangs and the police. Moments of insight come from interviewees, but they're sidelined in the superfluous reconstruction scenes. Seems to be aiming at some sort of emotional breakdown like 'The Work' but lacks that films intimacy, trust, and risk-taking. An example of a documentary trying to look pretty at the expense of its own intelligence.

  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    Imagine not liking this. What a masterpiece.