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  • Mid90s



    This film was pure as fuck. Jonah Hill is gonna be up for best original screenplay at leastttt. Jonah picked up skaters on the street to be the main characters in this film and holy shit, they were good. I cried. Its obvious Jonah put his heart into this film.
    This is gonna be a film I watch when I feel like im losing passion for film.
    Film of the year so far.
    Everyone should fuckin watch this.

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  • Aziz Ansari: Right Now

    Aziz Ansari: Right Now


    Whats with recent comedy and getting all emotional and shit, its good, but whats with it?

  • Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    What if, I placed my bed next to yours in minecraft. Ahaaaa.

    I'm just gonna be honest, this didnt make sense, at all, y'all are out here comparing it to San Junipero, but that episode was good. This is the first episode i've watched of this new season but it seems to me the writing quality is dying off on this show. I don't know, we'll see I guess.
    It was a really cool concept, I just think it was poorly executed.

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  • Into the Dark: Treehouse

    Into the Dark: Treehouse


    People liked this? Really? Not to shit on anyones picnic but I think this is one of the worst feature length films i've seen.

  • Hereditary



    Imma say it, this film scared the shit out of me, there were genuinely parts of this film that made me want to get up and leave (in the best way), I was so uncomfortable, WHAT THE FUCK?!
    I didnt expect any of that!
    This film has some of the best acting, ive seen all year. Theres a scene at the dinner table, they need to create a "Best Scene" Oscar and give it to that.
    This film was visually…