Once More, My Darling ★★★

Engaging comedy with a rather nutty premise but the skillful playing of the cast make it work. Ann Blyth embraces her inner ditz as the bubbly, forward teen who is instantly smitten with Montgomery on sight. Montgomery, one of the best light comedians of Golden Age Hollywood, carries the film right along with an air of deer in the headlights helplessness at the onslaught of ardor that Ann's character unleashes his way. Theatre great Jane Cowl is also highly amusing in one of only four film appearance's as Bob's mother.

One small drawback. Montgomery is a perfect choice for the breeziness necessary to make his character work but he was 45 at the time this was made and looks it, whereas Ann Blyth was 24 playing 19 and is convincing as such making their pairing a bit off. They would have been better paired as a father and daughter at this point. Be that as it may this is still a pleasant little known film.