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  • Passage to Marseille

    Passage to Marseille


    most of the same cast as CASABLANCA, same director, same conductor of the score, but nowhere near the film.

    It just doesn't know what kind of a film it wants to be.

    Underdeveloped characters, war action, prison film locales and noir flashbacks.

    You won't miss much by missing this.

  • The Heiress

    The Heiress


    "Bolt the door, Maria."

    Robert Osborne's favorite line from classic film. Perhaps Olivia de Havilland's greatest role.

    If this is your first time viewing, hang in there.

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  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    First time seeing this. I may have closed my eyes a few times from being movie-watching-bleary-eyed. This movie is plain weird. I need to watch it again (when I'm more attentive) to (perhaps) get a better grasp on what was going on. Then again, repeated viewings may not help.

    It took me about three viewings to love Wild Strawberries, so perhaps the same thing here.

    Speaking of that, there's a line in the film where a girl offers Max von Sydow's character wild strawberries and milk. When that appeared on the subtitles there was an audible sigh from the crowd.

  • I Never Sang for My Father

    I Never Sang for My Father


    "But still, when I hear the word 'father', it matters."

    Melvyn Douglas and Gene Hackman provide powerful performances in this film about aging parents and a strained father-son relationship.

    Interesting that Oscar-winner Estelle Parsons played Hackman's sister...just three years earlier she played his wife in BONNIE AND CLYDE. (Her role here is a fairly small one.)

    I found the scene shopping for caskets touching and the final scene in the bedroom is quite powerful.

    As someone who has lost their mother and is watching their father age, some parts of this film really hit close to home.