Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

What. A. Film. Loved almost every minute of it. The tension, the satisfaction, everything. There’s no doubt in my mind (and with a lot still to watch from 2020) that this film has the best original screenplay of the year. The message is sent clearly, and also it is very clever. I love cleverness. There’s a lot to take from this movie, but Emerald Fennell came prepared to tell everyone “watch me and learn how to direct a movie”. She doesn’t look like a rookie at all, for this to be her first feature film. Every decision, from production design to the music playing in the background, all done with the purpose to make you feel something. Whether that something is joy or hate, it is effective. I also appreciate a lot many of the framing choices. Those close-ups in those moments were PERFECT. Lastly, Carey FUCKING Mulligan. You all slept on her with An Education (2009), please don’t ever do it again. One of the best performances of 2020, which has been led by many great female performances. 2020 definitely is the year of the woman. The importance of this film might not be understood now, but in years to come I can’t wait for this film to be in the discussion of many people. Loved it.

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