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  • Paths of Glory


  • Sorcerer


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  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory


    Kubrick's early films are just as portentous and weighty as his later work, but there is a raw emotional core to Paths of Glory that I sorely miss later in his career.

    It wouldn't be unfair to accuse this movie of being naive and heavy-handed. There are undoubtedly moments that fall flat, and Kirk Douglas doesn't always sell his righteous conviction. Overall though, I think it all hangs together beautifully.

    The cast is top-notch, the standouts being Timothy Carey and…

  • Sorcerer



    Watched this directly back-to-back with The Wages of Fear (Clouzot, 1953), of which Sorcerer is a remake. It was my second time seeing both, and an interesting exercise in contrast and comparison.

    Both movies are based on a book that I haven't read, so it's unclear to me what Friedkin is pulling from each source material. However, small differences between the original film and the remake have a huge impact. Clouzot's masterpiece delivers on incredible suspense while also offering richer…