• Jurassic Shark

    Jurassic Shark


    This movie takes all the campy glory of SyFy Shark movies and strips away every ounce of fun and excitement. I am pretty certain that after seeing this, I could not only make and get a film distributed, but could also land it on a streaming service. Let's make it happen people!

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    One of the greatest horror films ever made, Black Christmas will make you drink away your sorrows and head to the zoo to watch the zebras. Viewing every year for as long as I can remember, this movie still makes me want to crap my pants and never answer the phone again. Good work Billy, so happy you found your way home.

  • Dead Body

    Dead Body


    Rich white kids playing a stupid game and ending up dead. With the big "reveal" being nothing more than rich white kids playing stupid games and ending up dead.

  • American Poltergeist

    American Poltergeist


    While watching this movie I reached a point where I actually wished something malevolent would sneak into my house and put me out of my misery.

  • The Black Room

    The Black Room

    Its like watching soft core porn in the age of the internet. Nothing really exciting happens are you are left wanting more.

  • Bright



    Social commentary coupled with fantasy elements makes Bright a fun and engaging film worth multiple viewings. Not sure why there has been so much hate surrounding this movie, and although it is has it's flaws, it is one I would recommend to one and all.