Black Christmas ★★★★½

This is such a stressful experience. I don’t know how I found this to be boring the very first time I ever watched it. 

Sure, it lags a bit in the middle, but the beginning with the obscene and vulgar phone call is haunting, the kill with the plastic bag over the head made me flinch, the kill with the glass unicorn is iconic!!!, and it is downright terrifying when Jess notices the eye watching her through the crack of the door. 

Undoubtedly a classic, influential, pioneer of the slasher genre. Here I am slapping some damn respect onto its name! This is the mother of the slasher genre, while The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the father, whom together birthed Halloween to which the trifecta of the slasher blueprint was forever mimicked.

Thank goodness I don’t have an attic.

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