Marriage Story ★★★★★

Wowowowow. Supremely acted and directed and I feel so empty - So emotional, yet so empty. Even through all the emotion and drama I was surprised to find so many moments of genuine humor. The writing is fantastic and I simply cannot commend the performances enough. 

Adam Driver’s voice makes me feel ways I don’t know how to explain, but I love it and watching him break down and cry is pretty devastating. Him and Scarlett Johansson work so well together, and she has her fair share of heartbreaking scenes. The film does a wonderful job of showcasing both sides of the story, not ever taking a single side, but instead giving insight into how incredibly difficult it is for both parties. Experiencing it all descend into an ugly and personal screaming match is hard to watch.

Also shoutout to miss Laura Dern for continually being amazing, talented, beautiful, show-stopping, never the same, etc etc etc. 

Yeah, I really enjoyed this so much more than initially anticipated even though I knew going in that the acting and direction would be superb. And Here’s my public decision to be single for the rest of my life thank you for understanding.

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