We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★★½

An emotional and disturbing story is driven by a powerful performance from Tilda Swinton and a haunting performance from Ezra Miller. 

We’re set to feel so much pain for Tilda’s character. She struggles to form a meaningful and loving connection with her son from the moment he’s born. That has to be hard for any mother, and to consistently feel that distance as the child grows older must be as infuriating as it is to watch unfold on screen. Yet, Tilda’s character is also so passive. She notices the acts of rebellion begin to turn into far more sinister scenarios, but she keeps it all inside. She’s too scared to tell anyone else but her husband, who of course doesn’t listen to her. Should she have consulted a therapist? Should she have done more? And that’s where the main struggle stems from in this film. 

Tilda’s character has to carry all of this weight around for the horrendous and unspeakably evil act Kevin has committed. It’s a constant trap of self-loathing in a scenario where it really is hard to know if all of this was out of her control. It makes for an exhausting watch, but one in which we end up really needing to talk about the brilliance of Tilda Swinton as an actress and Lynne Ramsay as a director.

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