The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

Despite not reaching the heights of some of the best films in this franchise, this is easily the most underrated film within it. Its not faultless but its relatively investing and well done. Hugh Jackman's performance is great as expected, he sells the shift in his character fairly well and uses his great line delivery well here. None of the other performances are particularly memorable but none are particularly distracting or bad either. The action is pretty inspired at points, particularly within a sequence involving a train, and they don't hold back with the violence too much either so that's good (although apparently there's an R-rated cut out there? I might look into that.). The story isn't anything special but remains unpredictable and well paced throughout. I don't mind the third act as much as most, I don't have any defence I just think its an ok setpiece to end the film on.
In terms of problems, the romantic subplot is extremely forced, its got on the nose moments from a thematic perspective, some dodgy exposition dumps, mostly the normal sorts of problems these types of films have but none of them are egregious enough to detract from the film too much. Overall, a solid comic book film with a good amount to offer.

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