Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ★★★★★

This movie will forever hold a special place in my heart. I continually watched and re-watched this on VHS as a kid, and as an adult I still find it an absolute delight to watch.

For a franchise that had built itself up on its take on an optimistic future, ripe with cool spaceships, alien races, philosophy, etc., it was a risky move to set this film primarily in 1980s San Francisco and in many respects make it a comedy. In no way would something like this get made today. Despite the change in tone and setting, The Voyage Home is still bursting with some important social commentary that, in the spirit of classic Trek, is heavy-handed and not in any way subtle. But of course, that's part of its charm.

I love the humor, I love the focus on whales and environmentalism, I love the open-ended conclusion that leaves some questions unanswered, I love the chemistry between the crew, and I love this movie's heart. This is true with most Star Trek for me, but this movie in particular will never get old.