The Beast Within

The Beast Within ★★

Good example of what happens when a big studio tries to make a 'serious' film cashing on an exploitation trend, in this case the prosthetic werewolf effects of The Howling/American Werewolf. (see also The Prophecy).

Despite a relatively large budget and a good cast, it's a dull and very silly tale of a 17 year old boy who is the result of an earlier beastly rape by a half man/half cicada (a kind of locust) for reasons the film never explains.

Despite a fairly rough opening rape scene (and an even more gratuitous attempted one at the climax) there is little of note apart from the eventual transformation sequence in which the 'hero' inflates like Mr Creosote. It's ghastly compared to the films it's attempting to rip-off.

Ronny Cox, no stranger to exploitation trash of varying degrees of quality, looks thoroughly bored by the whole thing and Bibi Besch is forced to bare all and then do nothing for the rest of the film except give the kind of worried look only a mother could give.
The supporting cast of dodgy small towners do their best with a limp conspiracy sub plot, but despite some messy effects late on, you'll have long lost interest.

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