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All my favorite movies seem to have average ratings of 3.8.

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  • Tea and Sympathy

    Tea and Sympathy


    “In trying to prove he was a man, he died a boy.”

    I think describing a movie’s plot may be the dullest way to get at why it’s special, but it feels oddly important here, especially since I’ve seen a handful of interpretations I don’t agree with. So!

    Tom Lee is ridiculed for being sensitive and feminine by his hyper-masculine prep school classmates; their teasing stemming largely from their own insecurities. That alone would make this a surprisingly compassionate take…

  • Cutter's Way

    Cutter's Way


    The second best Jeff Bridges movie where he finds himself in the throes of a noirish investigation that he’s not at all qualified for, at the urging of an unhinged-Vietnam-vet-best-friend, who thinks that a rich business magnate living in a Southern California Spanish mansion is hiding a dark secret revolving around a mutilated much-younger blonde (in this case missing more than a toe), and where Jeff Bridge's best friend is not wrong, he’s just an asshole.

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  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    Watched w/ Jimmie Fails during Corona quarantine. A very special buddy movie.

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

    Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!


    At LAFCA in 2019, Michael Barker took me by the hand and led me through a crowded hotel auditorium, past J Lo and Bong Joon-ho, shouting “Pedro! Pedro!” so I could meet his longtime collaborator, Pedro Almodovar. I felt like a kid exiting a stadium with his father, except we’d somehow gotten onto the field and were passing hall of famers. Noah Bambauch looked especially upset by this. Anyway, Michael (understandably) assumed I was a big fan of Pedro’s, who…