La Notte

La Notte ★★★★

Definitely the hardest watch so far of the week. I mean it’s an Antonioni film so what did I expect, plus we have another of his lined up tomorrow. It needed a listen of my former film lecturers Neil Fox & Dario Llinares‘ podcast ‘The Cinematologists’ to make more sense of. However, quite simply, this film’s purpose is NOT to make sense. 

Much like the French New Wave moving alongside it, La Notte is absent of the structure herald in dominant cinema. In fact, it’s even adverse of the Neo-Realists before it (a point raised in my La Dolce Vita review). Specific objects aren’t framed to give the viewer a sense of understanding at all, contrarily it’s the structural and literal space this film relishes in that disregards any higher purpose that makes Antonioni so enjoyable. Heck, I might even rewatch Blow-Up.

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